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Our Services

Eylon B. Consulting Ltd. offers a wide range of services, mainly to top-level executives (CEOs, CIOs and CFOs). The professional and business consulting services are designed to help in the decision-making process and in other technical and business related aspects of the customer’s business activities. Where needed, such services can be provided as ‘second opinion’ to support previous analysis or evaluation work done by internal or external professional teams. This is mainly applicable where internal resources are scarce.

Business Development

  • Work with Software Companies (especially start-ups and SMB) to determine their preferred markets.
  • Bring opportunities and help turning them into customers.


  • Working with investors (VCs and Angels) to find the right software companies that seek investments.
  • Assess the opportunities and work with the companies to ensure the investment.

Support SMB to Start Business Abroad

  • Review (or help create) business plan
  • Help identifying potential markets, business partners and customers
  • Use connections
  • Identify ‘friendly’ potential customers

Software Business

  • Provide firsthand experience about sales, development (life cycle, models), quality, certification (ISO, CMMi), PM and PMO
  • Exports: Factors to consider such as taxation, laws and regulations.
  • Partnering
  • SLA
  • Assist in negotiations, evaluations and resolution of disputes.

IT – Key Services for CIOs

  • Master-plans (applications, infrastructure), roadmap, internal charge-back
  • SW Packages, ERP, CRM, leading vendors, partnering with vendors
  • DRP
  • Quality
  • CIO as a salesman (to CEO and internal customers)

BSS (Business Support Systems) for TETRA and Public Safety Solutions

  • Bringing standard IT solutions (Applications and support tools) to enhance the traditional offering in Tetra and public-safety solutions.
  • Applications for Incident Management and Tracking.
  • Applications for Task Management.
  • Applications for enforcement.

Billing Provisioning and Customer Care Solutions

  • Advisory Board member
  • Integration
  • Roadmap

Cellular Networks – OSS/BSS

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

  • Items to cover
  • Adjust to your REAL needs
  • Cost vs. benefits

Activities Requiring Cross-functional Expertise

  • Applications vs. internal processes
  • Cost vs. quality
  • Process design and improvement

Training in Specific Areas


Eylon B. Consulting Ltd. has access to a wide range of complementary consultants, including finders and investors, to address areas where very special knowledge is needed.
Most important is EGK – Eylon-Gover-Kaul (see more in the Customers and Business Partners section)

Identify application areas in which you have advantages and proven assets

Do those things you can be successful in and avoid risky adventures where chances to fail may be high.

Utilize familiarity with Europe, CIS, US and Latin America

To successfully start a new business abroad and reach out for new customers, you’d better know the region and focus on the right things. Support from a party that knows the market and did it before avoids pain and unnecessary difficulties.

Mediating in large projects

  • Take advantage of interdisciplinary experience (SW, business, PM, quality) to help bring problematic projects to completion.
  • Project size – big (>10 staff-years, >$1M).
  • Significant schedule/budget over-run.
  • ‘Bad-blood’ between customer and vendor.
  • IT or billing projects.
  • Mutually-agreed engagement rules.

Serving as an Advisory Board member

In Israel and Abroad – where our first-hand experience comes to play
  • Business Management (sales, marketing, development, finance)
  • SW processes
  • IT
  • Quality
  • PM
  • Industrial Engineering/Navy Shipyard.

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